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Using CSR 1000V Images For Virtual Machines (VMs). the Cisco CSR 1000V Configuration Guide provides information on creating config files for Cisco CSR 1000V and the Cisco ISRv. The Cisco CSR 1000V Configuration Guide provides information on the following topics:. You can start a CSR 1000V instance by using one of the following methods:. 1. Connect to the CSR 1000V console on the management interface and issue the following command:. The IOS version of the CSR 1000V is 12.1(3)SV0. This is a list of all objects that are considered private on the CCX 1000V. These resources are visible only to Cisco CSR 1000V or Cisco ISRv with an equivalent role and level of access. For more information on object naming conventions, see Object naming conventions in the Cisco Internetworking Technologies Command Guide. You can copy and paste this list to a text file or create a CSV file. For details, see . If the CCX 1000V is used as the access control element for a Cisco CSR 1000V application, the CCX 1000V must have equivalent access to the Cisco CSR 1000V application. If the CCX 1000V does not have equivalent access, then you can use a name-based policy or an authentication policy. If the CCX 1000V is in a group, you can find the CCX 1000V configuration in the directory . For details, see the . If you are creating a guest VLAN on the CCX 1000V, you must create a guest-VLAN interface, using the following commands. You can use these commands to create a guest VLAN interface on the Cisco CSR 1000V. A VLAN interface is a link interface that is only available to the guest VLAN. VLAN interfaces are required for the CCX 1000V to function as a member of a VTP domain. You can use the following interface naming conventions. These interface naming conventions apply to all CCX 1000V interfaces. VLAN interfaces have the following requirements:. Interface name must be 8 to 36 characters in length. Interface name can only include letters, numbers, and hyphens. Interface name is not case-sensitive. Interface name must be unique. Interface name must be compatible with the naming conventions listed above. Interface name does not support any keywords or special characters. Interface name cannot be:. Interface name cannot start with "vlan".


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